Selling a home can be an emotional journey for many sellers. Whether it’s the first time, or for those who have lived in their homes for a long time, people sell for many reasons. Whatever your situation, here’s how to handle it:

3 Overall Guidelines When Selling Your Home

Boost your chances by preparing your home

Make any necessary repairs and get your home in move-in ready condition. Put on a neutral coat of paint. Put excess furniture and other personal belongings in storage temporarily to give your home that open feel.



Boost your chances by preparing your mind

Try to remove the sentimental or emotional value you have in your home and see it as it is: an inviting, welcoming place to live.



Make sure your home is available to show during the day

Improving the accessibility of your home to buyers and their agents may help you sell your house or condo faster.



2 Important Factors to Keep In Mind Before Buying Another Home

Plan ahead to save time and money

If you sell your home before you buy a new one, lean on me, your agent, to help you find a new one. I have a list of rentals, condos and homes you might be interested in. If you are looking to buy or rent a home outside of Eastern Massachusetts, I am part of a worldwide agent referral network designed to help you find your next home.


Get pre-approved for a mortgage on your new home

Prepare yourself by getting pre-qualified for mortgage financing through providers such as AAA. Contact Louis Alfaia, Mortgage Consultant NMLS #1191100 from AAA Northeast Bank NMLS #179871 (Licensed in CT, RI & MA) about getting a mortgage pre-qualification. Louis Alfaia can be reached at 617-756-6611 or

If You Are Downsizing There Are 3 Important Things To Do To Sell Your Home

De-clutter is the name of the game

If you are moving to a smaller place, you will want to sell, donate or throw away anything that you will not need in your new place.



Modernize your interior

Update your appliances, baths, make repairs and finish home projects.



Hire an experienced stager

if you are selling in a competitive or high-end market like the Boston Area, a professional stager can bring out the best in your home and set it apart from similar homes on the market.



3 Tips To Consider Before Buying A Smaller Home:

A fixer upper should be considered

Depending on how much you get for the sale of your home, you may have the money available to hire a good contractor to improve the look and functionality of a much less expensive home.



Rethink paying all cash

instead of using home profits to pay for your new house outright, allocate a large amount for the down payment and take out a small mortgage for the remainder. This plan will give you the liquidity and the flexibility of cash in your financial plan to help you get settled in your new home.


Try it before you buy it

Especially if you are moving out of town or downsizing significantly. Renting a much smaller space in your desired location will help you determine the ideal size and exact place to buy your new home, in advance of you making a large investment.



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