Summer is a really busy time in the real estate market. Many people look forward to having a new home, a fresh start, and a new place to live in the fall. Over 35 million people in the USA, about 11% of the population, relocate every year. Here are some helpful suggestions to make your next move easier.

Before you pack – PURGE

Before you begin to pack, it is best to sort your possessions to see what items of clothing, furniture, electronics, books, toys and junk should be kept, donated, sold, thrown out or recycled. Sell or donate your lightly used items. Web sites like Craigslist and eBay, or apps like Let go, enable you to sell your items easily. Try to start the process at least a month before your moving date. At the same time, find local charities and thrift shops that accept items and make sure you get a receipt, if you plan to write off the charitable donation on your taxes.  Recycle items such as old televisions, air conditioners, computers, printers, batteries and the nest of wires that go with old, unidentified electronic gadgets. Research your town’s web site to see what should be disposed of where.

Start your packing early

The earlier you start packing, the better you’ll be able to organize and prioritize your items. If you know you are not going to use an item, such as winter clothes in summer, pack it first.

Alert your support team about your move

Be ready to pay first, last month’s rent, a real estate agent’s finder’s fee equivalent to one month rent, and a security deposit, which is also the same as a month’s rent. By law the landlord has 30 days to return the security deposit from the end of the lease, minus any damages. Most apartments are non-smoking, so most landlords will have you sign a no smoking addendum.

Pack room by room

Make sure you label and number each box or container. In a notebook, app or spreadsheet, write what is in each numbered box. When you arrive at your new home, it is so much easier if you know exactly which box has the kitchen utensils, cutlery or drinking glasses. You want to be able to hit the ground running when you arrive at your new home.

Valuable items should be packed by you

and put in a secure place. Only the owner can give valuables the extra care that they need. Be sure to use bubble wrap. There are carriers made for china, glassware and jewelry that will keep them safe. Consider moving especially valuable items yourself in your own vehicle rather than in the moving truck.


Remember to take breaks

Moving can be very stressful and disruptive to your sleeping, eating and exercising patterns. On the day of the move, make sure you take breaks to eat, and remember to drink plenty of water and have enough snacks on hand to keep you energized as you move from room to room. It is a good idea to set an alarm half way through the day to take a meal break. Order pizza or sandwiches, especially if you have other people helping you.


Remember to store the hardware for curtain rods, furniture and beds in clear sandwich

If you disassemble any furniture, this ensures you don’t lose any screws of important pieces. Tape the bags to the corresponding furniture.



The last items to pack are the things that are essential to normal life

Pack toiletries, computers, mobile phones, chargers and non-perishable foods in boxes or containers marked in red, which should be marked, OPEN FIRST.  Pack an overnight bag with a change of clothes and whatever you use for night clothes. Be sure to keep medications, valuables and jewelry in a secure place.

Take photos of how electronics are connected

If you no longer have the owner’s manual, taking a photo of how computers, printers, stereos and televisions are wired to each other will be a game changer when you unpack.


Keep AAA in mind

For their full range of products and services from home financing options, homeowners/renters insurance, auto insurance, discounts on hotels, rental cars, movie tickets and local attractions. AAA can be a great resource on both ends of your move.

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