When first time or potential home buyers go to an Open House, there is a list of questions that you should ask the seller’s agent. Open Houses will help you get a better feel for the property, while learning more about it in the process. These are the questions that are not answered on any of the databases and that you can only find out by being at the property.

Why is the home for sale?

Ask why the sellers are moving to find out the reason why the property is on the market. The answer will give you insights into the timing and motivations of the sellers.


How long has the property been on the market?

If you ask when the home was listed, you’ll gain insight into the house and the real estate market as a whole. The real estate agent can put the number of days in context for you while disclosing information about the amount of interest in the property.



Are there any major problems with the property?

Asking about any problems with the home will give you insights into when the property was last updated. Given that updates, renovations, and expansions can be costly, learn about the problem areas ahead of time, and then check them out while you’re there at the property.




What is the average cost for utilities for the home?

When you discover the projected cost of utilities for the property, it will give you a sense of whether you can afford the monthly payments and utilities will fit into your budget. Get the agent to show you the most recent bills to get a better idea of monthly expenses.


When are the sellers looking to close on the property?

Learning the timeline for closing on the property to find out what the sellers have in mind. If you know an offer could be chosen based on the desired time line, you could gain a competitive advantage if the owners want to sell quickly.


What are your unique needs?

Bring your interior designer or contractor to answer your specific questions. In a seller’s market, when properties move very quickly, it is a good idea to bring an expert with you to the open house. They will help you to inspect the property to see if there are ways to change or upgrade the home to better fit your needs. The contractor will advise you on the practicality and costs of the possible changes.

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