Yesterday I attended the Newton/Needham Chamber of Commerce annual business breakfast and was inspired by what I heard. Most of the speakers had prepared remarks about how historic this week is with the first woman being elected president of the United States. The outcome of the presidential election is not what most expected in Massachusetts. In our businesses, in our schools and in our communities, there are people who voted for Clinton and there are people who voted for Trump. We may have different political beliefs, different ethnicities, and different backgrounds. However, we all share the same community. It is time to put this long, divisive, ugly election behind us. As Setti Warren the mayor of Newton stated, “we all must come together, put our differences behind us, and work toward common goals. “ There will be challenges with the presidential transition and there are always problems when changes are made, but we must continue to focus on our business, personal and community long term strategies.

idea-1289871_1280Former Lt. Governor, Dr. Terry Healey who is president of Babson College, spoke about the importance of innovation, ideas and entrepreneurship. She stated that it is no longer sufficient to have just a business plan. Companies must develop original ideas, and be entrepreneurial to survive in the current economic environment. Ms. Healey also stressed the importance of thinking globally, while acting and executing on a local level. It is so important to use a local real estate office, use a local bank, use a local coffee shop, and patronize local restaurants and bars. Spending your money locally during the holidays and all throughout the year strengthens the fabric of our communities.

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