“Renting or buying a home in New England can be a real adventure,” said William Lefevre, Sales and Leasing Agent at Centre Realty Group.  We want to congratulate you for your fine choice of place to live. This is the most wonderful time of the year in New England. The days are warm and mostly sunny and the nights are cool and comfortable for sleeping. The trees start to turn brilliant colors of red, orange and yellow. People come from all over the world come to New England to go “leaf peeping” and enjoy the fall foliage.  Mr. Lefevre has some fun tips to make your time in New England enjoyable.

blizzard-1245929_1280The perpetual battle against the elements – who pays for what services? 

If you buy a home or a condo in New England, you are responsible for heating costs, electricity, and of course cable and internet. With a condo, snow removal and heating costs are usually shared, which certainly helps during a severe and snowy winter. In the city, it is the landlord or owner’s responsibility to shovel the sidewalks and to make sure that fire hydrants are clear of snow. For single family rental homes, it is usually up to the renter to remove the snow, but the landlord typically takes care of the landscaping maintenance.

Travel and commuting can be very challenging during the winter months in New England

Make sure your car is ready for the snow with the right tires, fluid levels are checked and the battery is at full charge. Have an emergency kit, an extra blanket and extra boots always available in your car. It is best to dress in multiple layers, so if mass transit has long delays, you will not suffer in the cold, wind and snow. The T is the oldest subway system in the country and you need to be able to expect the unexpected.

america-1425151_1280Buying or Renting a home in New England offers some unusual perks

Did you know that more people in Massachusetts eat and enjoy ice cream than any other place in the USA? All of the college students in the area add a vibrant feel to the community. We are famous for the number of universities and lectures offered to the public. Whether you are traveling in New England to the mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont or to the coasts of Cape Ann or Cape Cod, the locals will help you find the perfect restaurant, entertainment, beach or hiking trail.

When it is time to make a move – hire a trusted real estate professional

“With my wealth of experience in the Boston Area, I will help you find the rental or home purchase that you have been dreaming of,” says William Lefevre. “We help people navigate the rental or home buying process and provide a quality customer experience.“ The most wonderful thing about the greater Boston area is that there are so many different neighborhoods and towns to explore. Did you know that Chestnut Hill is in Brookline, Newton, and West Roxbury (Boston)? In some towns, there are repeating street names in the same city. Boston has three different Mt. Vernon Streets! Enjoy this lovely fall weather.

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